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Posted on October 17, 2016 in…

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Our continuing Capital Investment program, which sees us re-investing in the business year on year, includes the following plant and equipment, focused initially on expanding the offering from our powder coating facility.

Future investment plans

We have further plans for the future and we are actively working with a number of manufacturers towards our next big investment. By the end of Q1 2017 we will have a new 6 kw Fibre Laser with a 4M X 2M cutting bed. Further updates will be given when the new machine is commissioned.

The Abbey Group has already completed a number of investments, including:

  • Two new spray wash plants to provide a chemical clean and a stronger paint bond to any substrate that we coat. With this process the chance of small pockets of uncleaned material or small blemishes on the finished coat are greatly reduced.
  • Two new state of the art Gema powder coat guns. These allow us to coat all parts more evenly and reduce our waste through overspray. This investment has the added benefit of improving our environmental performance as well as our overall paint quality.
  • A new 8 metre X 3.5 metre X 2.5 metre box oven. This is one of the biggest ovens of its kind in the North West of England and enhances our production capacity, as it is additional to our inline powder coat oven. This new facility allows us to coat large items ‘offline’ while continuing to paint small parts on our continuous powder coating line.
  • A new self-contained shot-blast facility using chilled iron shot to produce a fantastic paint key for heavier duty products and allowing us to provide a new lease of life to any rusty parts sent to us for refurbishment. The shot blast preparation is the perfect key for our Extreme Paint, a powder coating finish which offers extended lifetime in outdoor use.
  • A brand new fleet of Fork Lift Trucks to improve our material handling capabilities.
  • An 18 Tonne delivery vehicle to improve our delivery capabilities and lead times, which we have added to our existing fleet
  • Continual investment in our Machine Shop, from small equipment such as drills and grinders, through to fully automated bar-fed HAAS CNC Turning Centres and HAAS Vertical Machining Centres.
  • A 4 metre Amada Pressbrake, enhancing our folding capabilities, as an addition to our existing Amada 1 metre and 3 metre Pressbrakes.
  • CAD / CAM Software. We have continued to invest in software that enhances our production capabilities, including Autocad & Solidworks, Amada bend development Software for our pressbrakes, and an improved CAD / CAM package for our Bystronic lasers. We are committed to continuing investment in this area, and we are in the process of further software evaluation.
  • A secure, offsite, IT system backup facility which backs up all of our business data on a quarter-hourly basis. This is independently provided with regular tests taking place to ensure that our data can be restored quickly and accurately. In the unlikely event of a total site data outage, we have the ability to run remotely with our IT and telephone systems working as if we were still in the factory! This data resilience is critical for some of our more demanding customers, but is not exclusive, it applies to all.

All of this investment has a cost, but we haven’t been cavalier with our investment plans. Much of what we have done has been self-funding as a result of us buying better, researching service provisions and getting cost savings back in to the business.

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