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Posted on October 14, 2016 in…

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We are now beginning to fully reap the benefits of our investment in a full MRP system, Aventa, which meets Aerospace and Nuclear standards. This system was installed 2 years ago and we have been learning about its capabilities ever since. We are using the data generated within the system to make better, more informed decisions about our lead times and manufacturing capabilities, and we are improving our internal reporting on a weekly basis.

To ensure that we have a keen focus on meeting our promised delivery dates, we have now assigned an External Sales Account Manager, Internal Sales Account Manager and a Production Management representative to every customer. From the data contained in our MRP system, there is a daily review meeting for each of the teams to check on progress of all orders. By using this centralised data, linked to live job cards on the shop floor, we are able to accurately track the progress of all orders at all times.

We are fully committed to improving our quality, delivery and service to all of our customers and welcome feedback, good or bad, as this helps us on our journey to providing every customer with what they want.