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Abbey Engineering organisation chart

Posted on October 6, 2016 in…

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2016 has been a challenging yet exciting year for The Abbey Group, as we continue with our Capital Investment Programme and Operational Improvements throughout the business.

We have very recently streamlined and reorganised our Sales and Manufacturing teams with the sole purpose of providing a better service to our customers. As a result of our recent changes, we have a more cohesive and focused team who are all pulling in the same direction to provide excellent customer service. Our full organisation chart is attached to this document showing all key personnel within the business.

As a diverse business with a wide offering to a number of industries and sectors, we recognise that serving all customers is a challenge. To ensure that we retain full focus on all aspects of our business we have split the business into distinct Value Streams. Each value stream team holds full responsibility and accountability, meaning that they are empowered to make business decisions on spending, investment, materials and personnel to ensure that their value stream performs.