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Abbey Engineering Quality Assurance

Posted on October 11, 2016 in…

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From your first contact with The Abbey Group, you can be assured that our systems and processes are geared up to providing you with Quality Assured Products which conform with your requirements. We have recently promoted from within and have a dedicated Quality Manager, Dave Colburn, who is a qualified RWC (Responsible Welding Coordinator), and is responsible for managing our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance system and our BS EN 1090 CE Marked, structural steel production to Execution Class 2.

To improve our internal processes on quality, we have fully reviewed all of our shop floor based inspection methods and, within the last 3 months, have put new Control Plans in to operation on each and every workstation. The result of the control plans is that we are confident that we will capture any issues on our shop floor, preventing non-conforming parts getting to our customers. This also aids the learning process for our Operators, as people have more responsibility and accountability, and we are seeing an improvement in every department as people strive to ensure that they are making product right first time.