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Laser cutting

Mazak Optiplex II 4020:

Mazak 6 kw Fibre with a 4M X 2M cutting bed.  This machine is fed by an automatic pallet loading system containing over 30 Tonnes of sheet metal.

ByStronic BySprint 3015:

Bystronic 6 kw Fibre with a 3M X 1.5M cutting bed. This laser gives us flexibility for quicker changeovers than our automated laser.

ByStronic BySpeed 3015:

ByStronic 5.2kw CO2 with a 3M X 1.5M cutting bed. This laser is reserved for our Premium Service with short lead times.

Cutting capacities:

  • Mild Steel – 25mm
  • Stainless Steel – 30mm
  • Aluminium – 30mm
  • Copper – 12mm
  • Brass – 15mm