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Shot blasting

Shot Blasting in Liverpool

Abbey Group’s shot blasting in Liverpool is ideal for steel and other ferrous metals to prepare a surface for painting or powder coating. Our Liverpool team have extensive training and our shot blasting service is complimented with our priming, painting and stone/brick sealing to protect the surface of your metal post-blasting.

Shot blasting pre-treatment

Shot blasting is essential pre-treatment to powder coating as in order to achieve the best long-lasting finish. Without it your metal is likely to be exposed and in need of treating again. As Abbey Group are specialised powder coaters in Liverpool our experience in the shot blasting process enables us to achieve the best finish for our clients.

Detailed shot blasting ensures all rust, previous paint coatings and mill scale is removed to bring the metal surface back to its original pre-treated condition. Only at this point can the metal be powder coated and we stringently adhere to the industry standard fixed at SA 3 and SA 2.5 to be judged fit for powder coating.

Methods of shot blasting

Shot blasting involves firing minute particles to erode surface contamination. Our Liverpool team’s training and expertise means attention to detail is paramount with the size, shape and metallic nature of every item.

We have invested in the latest blast cabinets and blast rooms which use dry and wet processes of shot blasting; the dry process based on suction and the wet system based on injecting liquid abrasives. Wet process of shot blasting is used when there is possibility of damage to a metallic surface from the heat generated from friction in dry procedure.

Abbey Group uses manually operated and automated shot blasters for pre-treatment of metallic items. Shot Blasting is an imperative part of the powder coating process. It cannot be avoided as it is the underlining factor for a perfect powder-coated finish.

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